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Welcome to Care Planning Services. We ensure you receive the specialist legal and financial advice you need to help you or your loved ones receive care now or in the future.

Funding care often means balancing choice, control, independence, and lifestyle. Talking about how to fund care can be daunting, but having that early conversation with one of our specialist advisers is the key to finding peace of mind.

We provide you with straight forward professional advice to secure your care choices and finances for the future.

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Our essential guide to care planning

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We will introduce you to our specialist independent financial advisers who can guide you quickly and easily through the different options for funding your care. We will advise you on your rights to any state financial support that you may be eligible for. If you have to pay for all or part of your care, our professional advisers will help you review the options available. You may already have cash to cover some or all of your care costs, but this may not be the best way of paying for your care. There may be other options available which would help your money go further:

  • Use Cash
  • Investments
  • Releasing equity from your home
  • Arranging a deferred payment agreement
  • Renting out your home
  • Purchasing an immediate care plan

We can also introduce you to specialist later life solicitors who can –

  • Set up powers of attorney, where you can nominate your trusted friends or family to act as your voice for financial or welfare decisions if you find yourself unable to make these decisions on your own
  • Help you write a will or check that your existing will reflects your current wishes and that your affairs are managed in the most cost and tax efficient way,If your closest relatives do not live nearby, we can help to manage your financial and welfare decisions on your behalf.
  • Ask the court of protection to step in on your behalf in the event of a crisis if there is no one else to help make financial and legal decisions for you and sort out the legal arrangements for an equity release loan

You can contact us on 01225 446237 or by email enquiries@careplanningservices.co.uk and we can arrange a no-obligation discussion to see how we can help. If you would like us to provide formal advice, all our fees are clearly explained at outset and there is no obligation to take up any of our advice.
You will have direct access to a dedicated solicitor or independent financial adviser who will look after you throughout. Our advice is usually quick and easy to put in place.

Care Planning Services are two professional firms: Fidelius Ltd and Stone King solicitors. We have a strong reputation, as later life experts, for the quality of services we provide to people wishing to make decisions about their long-term care.
Stone King’s solicitors are members of the Solicitors for the Elderly and Fidelius Ltd’s advisers hold the Society of Later Life Adviser’s accreditation. Both memberships illustrate the quality and expertise of all our advisers.
Together, we can offer a more complete picture of the options available to you than you will find anywhere else.
Care Planning Services is where you will find support and guidance, every step of the way.

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For more information, or for a friendly, no obligation discussion please call us on 01225 446 237 or email enquiries@careplanningservices.co.uk

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Our essential guide to care planning

Get your free copy of our ‘Essential guide to planning for care’ please select “Request a Guide” below.
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